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    We emphasize the importance of written language and the recognition of meaningful words.  The activities at My First Place are designed to teach the alphabet, phonics, and penmanship.  By providing children with a print rich environment we stimulate the development of language and literary skills. Each classroom is equipped with age appropriate centers that allow children to choose, interact, and develop new skills.  Our staff is well trained to provide experiences and learning materials that allow each child to build important foundations for future academic success.


We implement the Creative Curriculum in our Pre-K 2 Program through our weekly themes and lesson plans.  The areas of consideration are the different needs, interests, and developmental levels of the individual children.  Our curriculum is integrated throughout the classroom through our themes, stories, projects, games, songs, and play.


 Our Pre-K 3 Class uses the “Splash into Pre-K” and "The Handwriting Without Tears" curriculum. This curriculum is “designed to ensure success for today’s 3 and 4 year old learners through the latest research and interactive learning philosophies.”  In addition, this curriculum combines all areas of learning including emotional, physical, cognitive, and linguistic in order to form a well-rounded child.


 Our VPK/Pre-K 4 students use the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt curriculum, which is divided into four areas: Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading.  The Math book they use is the Big Ideas Learning Kindergarten Level; and the Reading book is from the Journey Series. Children will be working on these subjects daily as they prepare for Kindergarten.  Through the use of manipulatives, books, and hands on activities, the children will master all curricular areas.

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